Website maintenance – Weekly


  • Update/post your site contents
  • Check that all of your pages are loading without errors
  • Run a backup and make sure a previous version of your site is stored
  • Check that all of your forms are running properly
  • Remove any spam comments from pages and posts
  • Check your pages to see if there are any broken links
  • Search for 404 errors and fix or redirect
  • Post your site on blog or social media to keep your community engaged and encourage SEO traffic.
  • Analyze website statistics/traffic
  • Review your website design and structure – can be it improved?
  • Check graphics and images – should anything be updated?
  • Review SEO and meta titles and descriptions to ensure they are as effective as possible
  • Test your website on all devices and browsers to see if it displays correctly

Maintenance web site is really important as it is part of your business. It will be down sometime if you won’t pay attention to its performance.
When it is down, your customers or expectant customers might have time to check your competitors web site.
They might not come back if your competitors offer a better deal.
We recommend you to think about maintenance service here. We will do every week.

Let us know if you have any question.

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